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Annual Summary

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Rome, 2017

Dear Friends and Benefactors,

The mission given us by Jesus does not consist in remaining anchored to one place, but to go out into the deep bringing the Gospel of hope to the ends of the earth. Today, the 10th September, as I write these reflections, the Holy Father is in the church of St. Peter Claver in Cartagena and prays before the relics of this Saint, who gave 40 years of his life to serve the slaves, the poor and the outcasts. “Before speaking to them with our lips, we have to do so with our hands” he would say.

The example of St. Peter Claver touched our Foundress, Bl. Mary Theresa Ledóchowska and she chose him as our Patron and model. Today he continues to inspire us to work for our brothers and sisters, especially for the poorest of the poor, the marginalised and those who suffer the humiliation of human trafficking. 

All people have equal dignity, having been created in the image of God. Most of us cannot imitate St. Peter Claver by directly serving the slaves, the lepers or the prisoners directly, but we still can and must “speak” to our brothers and sisters “with our hands” as he did.

You dear friends and benefactors are part of our Claverian Family, you also share in his patronage. Today you speak with your hands through your prayers and mercy for the poorest in the missions. With your prayer and gifts, you go out to those who are most needy on the peripheries of our world and you help them through the hands of missionaries, who in your name work directly for them.

In the year 2016 you, together with us, have helped in 78 countries of the world. You reached out to 510 dioceses and contributed to the accomplishment of 1355 projects.


118 projects in 55 dioceses in 13 countries.


851 projects in 287 dioceses in 38 countries.


41 projects in 15 dioceses in 8 countries.


2 projects in 2 dioceses in 2 countries.


343 projects in 151 dioceses in 16 countries

Through the hands of missionaries, you have:​

  • Welcomed refugees, orphans and the marginalised in many of these countries.

  • Brought water in drought stricken areas, giving people new hope of life.

  • Contributed to the formation of seminarians, catechists and sisters, who today can offer their services with greater efficacy.

  • Helped with medicines to cure the sick in hospitals and leper centres.

  • Sustained the printing of Bibles and books of devotion for people hungry for the Word of God.

  • Recognised the dignity of women, providing basic formation courses for them.

  • Bought bricks to build so many churches and chapels in far away villages.

  • Created in these churches a space in which Jesus can dwell in the Blessed Sacrament.


These, your acts of charity, are the words with which you speak. May the word of thanks of so many of our brothers and sisters who benefitted from your goodness become blessings for you and your families. This I ask in my prayers. May God reward you abundantly.

Mother Maria Moryl,

Superior General

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