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A Brothers Love - Thank you from Kenya!

Sr. Pauline Farruggia of the Daughter's of the Sacred Heart, writes to thank you for your support for their work with orphaned children in Kenya.

Dear Mother Maria and Sisters,

This is to express our gratitude for the sum of Euro 20,256.38, which we received for our orphanage. As you see in the photos below, we did not have a fire escape. External stairs are now a Government requirement, in order to ensure safety in case of fire or other disasters. The cost of these changes was Euro 30,000.00. We are so grateful for your assistance which made it possible for us to ensure our orphans have a place of safety. I have also attached a photo of some of our children. We have 30 other children in our care who are not pictured because they attend boarding schools.

The youngest child we have here, was being taken care of by her older brother who was only 10 years old himself. He was also looking after their 5 year old brother. Their mother left them and they do not know where she is. Their father is sick and being cared for in hospital.

The young boy would make sure his sister was ready before going out to school, then during his lunch break he would come to the convent to ask us for food, which he would then take home to feed his young brother and sister before rushing back to school.

Eventually he was convinced that his sister should come and live with us at our orphanage, but it was very hard for him to be separated from her. But she is happy and has integrated with the group very quickly. He is also happy to see her looking happy and healthy.

May God bless you and your benefactors. We assure you of our prayers as well as those of our children.


Sr Pauline Farrugia

Superior General       

Daughters of the Sacred Heart

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