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Passion for Mission

This weekend Sr. Stacey led a weekend of workshops and reflection, alongside Fr Phil from the Spiritan Congregation and Martin from Missio for students preparing for mission experience in Uganda this year.

They are a really fantastic group and looking very much forward to the opportunity to grow in and share their faith with the Ugandan people.

The programme included time for prayer, team building and growth in understanding of their faith and the Church's Mission.

We are reminded of the words of St. John Paul II:

You, young people, are especially called to become missionaries of this New Evangelisation, by daily witnessing to the Word that saves . . . The Church entrusts to young people the task of proclaiming to the world the joy which springs from having met Christ. Dear friends, allow yourselves to be drawn to Christ, accept his invitation to follow him. Go and preach the Good News that redeems and do it with happiness in your hearts!

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